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        Notice of the 1st China Shaoxing Global Entrepreneurship Con

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        The contest will strictly follow the principles of openness, fairness, justness, and competitive selection. It will solicit projects from entrepreneurial teams in the global digital economy fields from all over the world, through the means of independent project registration and multi-party recommendations.
        Based on previous competition system, this contest comprehensively upgrades the competition system, which pays more attention to the international and domestic dual introduction of talents, launching a new "3+3+6" competition system that sets up 3 major overseas sub-station races in North America, Europe and Australia region, 3 major domestic Sub-station races in Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and North China region , 6 central cities are selected in each sub-station competition area, including Silicon Valley, Europe, Sydney, Australia, Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta, Shenzhen in the Pearl River Delta, and Beijing in North China.
        Before the contest, activities are fully preheated and widely mobilized in each competition area. With further focusing on the digital economy industry specialty and strengthening the integration of regional project resources, it is supposed to select the best among the excellent projects to improve the overall level of the contest.
        The total number of applications is not less than 200, among which the number of overseas applications is not less than 120, and the number of domestic applications is not less than 80. An online preliminary review of the registered projects will be conducted by a jury composed of investment directors and above-level investors, and a total of 36 overseas applications will be selected to enter the overseas regional competitions (12 applications in each competition area), and 30 domestic applications will be selected to enter the domestic regional competitions (10 will be selected to in each competition area).
        A total of 15 applications will be selected to enter the project selection and matchmaking before the finals (9 applications in overseas competition areas and 6 applications in domestic competition areas).
        Before the contest, a round of online project selection and matchmaking event will be conducted for the 15 promoted applications. The Shaoxing City Investment Promotion Units will conducted online questioning session with 15 applications on issues such as landing intention and planning, and 10 applications will be selected for the finals. In the finals, we will return to Shaoxing for investigation, training, and closed-door roadshows. Then the first, second, and third prizes will be determined. It is planned to award prizes to the winning projects on the 2021 Shaoxing "Hometown of Celebrities" Talent Summit.
        Eligible applicants:
        1. The applicant should generally obtain a master's degree or above in a well-known university at home and abroad, and the age should generally not exceed 55 years old;
        2. The project should include 1 person in charge and at least 3 core members. The person in charge and at least 1 core member should generally have overseas entrepreneurial experience or have held intermediate and senior technical management positions in well-known companies at home and abroad for more than 3 years, and have outstanding research results or achievement transformation performance, strong management ability;
        3. The applicant has independent intellectual property rights, the technological achievements are at the level of internationally leading or the domestic first-class level, and it is in the stage of pilot test or industrialization, and the target product market has good prospects;
        4. As for the applicants of the above-mentioned competitions, who are particularly excellent, can be appropriately relaxed in terms of age and position (title), but in general, no more than one item should be an exception. Projects that have been established in Shaoxing for more than one year or have already applied the landing policy will no longer be eligible for this competition.
        Entry field:
        Project fields: integrated circuits, high-end software, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, new components and materials, etc.

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