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        Introduction of the 1st China ShaoXing Global Entrepreneursh

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        In recent years, the new generation of information technology innovation is active, the integration application trend is strong, and the digital wave is sweeping the world. From a global perspective, the development of the digital economy has become a global consensus and the commanding heights of a new round of global industrial competition. For Zhejiang Province, the digital economy is becoming the main engine of new economic growth and the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. Under the great opportunity of the digital economy, Shaoxing city has fully implemented the "No. 1 Project" of the digital economy, launching around industrial digitization and digital industrialization.
        In order to further build a new “four-in-one” talent introduction model of “stations, meetings, competitions, and capital”, to broaden diversified channels for introduction and concentration of talents, vigorously implement the “No. 1 Project", to serve the construction of a new industry platform for mega integrated circuit industry named as "Ten thousand acres and hundreds of billions" and the gathering of high-end talents in the digital economy, Shaoxing city proposes to hold “The 1st Global Entrepreneurship Contest of Mega New Industry Project --Digital Economy Series Special Session" in 2021 .
        Time Agenda Site/Form
        May Contest kick-off ceremony Shanghai or Shaoxing
        June - July Project Solicitation Global / Online
        Late July Online review Online
        Early August Yangtze River Delta Race Shanghai / Offline
        Mid-August Pearl River Delta Race Shenzhen/ Offline
        Late August North China Race Beijing / Offline
        Early September North American Race Silicon Valley, North America/ Online
        Mid-September European Race Paris,France / Online
        Late September Australia Race Sydney, Australia / Online
        October Project background investigation
        Selection and docking

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